Trini Carbajal

(254) 235-8343

Both Donna and Trini were born and raised in Waco, Texas and currently live just outside of Waco. After years of working in the grocery business and while raising their 5 kids, they each decided on making a career change. Trini opened Carbajal Painting and spent many years running a successful company working in the residential and commercial painting industry in Central Texas. Donna returned to further her education and obtain a life goal of seeking an accounting degree. After graduation, Donna went to work in the accounting department of a local Real Estate company and spent the next 7 years learning the business. After 7 years of working in the Real Estate industry, she realized that she loved the business of selling and managing real estate and finding out that this was something she was meant to do. In 1999 Donna thought it was time to continue her education once again decided to obtain her Real Estate license. Donna received her real estate license in 2000 and continued to work with the same company until 2006. In 2006 Trini and Donna went out on their own and opened Carbajal Realty with just a few managements and a small store front office on 12th street. In 2007 they moved into the new home of Carbajal Realty and its current location at 1621 James Ave. Their 5 children have grown up and blessed them with 14 grandchildren. Eleven years ago they were blessed again and adopted 2 children and 4 years ago, they were blessed with 2 more children. They now spend any free time with their 4 kids who are still at home and their grandchildren on a small place in the county. As a family they enjoy spending time outside with their farm animals, taking family trips, and watching movies together.


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